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Your first line of defense is us.

In the age of digitalization, your company is always open to assault. Hackers will have more time to take advantage of vulnerabilities and cause greater harm to your systems and sensitive data the longer you put off fixing them.

iitecinc is a top supplier of comprehensive vulnerability management programs for businesses of all kinds. You may handle vulnerabilities from a single platform because our services are made to interface with other software solutions and function together seamlessly. In order to assist you in promptly identifying and ranking vulnerabilities according to their level of risk, we also offer reports and analytical tools.

Vulnerability Management Process

iitecinc Vulnerability Management Services are designed to ensure your mitigation processes constantly improve. Take a look at the breakdown of our vulnerability management process:


Vulnerability Management Process

Best Services You Get

Vulnerability Scanning

We will do a thorough network scan to identify any potential vulnerabilities and assist you in ranking them according to the risk they represent.


All of the vulnerabilities discovered by the scan will be examined by iitecinc, and they will offer suggestions for resolving them, including any patches that must be installed or configuration adjustments that must be made to reduce risk.


You won't have to worry about it because we'll handle deploying patches, altering configurations, and carrying out any other remediation actions required for each vulnerability found!


Lastly, we give you a report on my findings so you can assess how well your company is doing in comparison to industry norms and make any modifications to ensure your continued confidence in our efforts.


Most frequently Asked
Question and Answer

  • What are Qualys' reporting capabilities?

    Map reports provide a network topology of a given domain or network block. You can run map reports comparing historical and current maps to obtain trend analysis and identify hosts that have been added or removed from the network. Map reports can also be used to create asset groups or initiate on demand or scheduled scans against any or all discovered assets.

  • What are the pre-defined scan reports and their features?

    The default template used to produce the vulnerability assessment results returned from each scan. Included in this report are a series of bar graphs showing vulnerabilities by severity, operating systems detected, and services detected, as well as detailed host and vulnerability data, sorted by host.

  • What are the benefits of distributed management with centralized reporting?

    Qualys’ distributed management capabilities enable enterprises to delegate vulnerability management tasks to many users within an enterprise, assigning a role with associated privileges to each user, while maintaining centralized control. Another benefit is the centralized reporting capabilities against the distributed scans performed. This functionality simplifies network security audits, facilitates policy compliance, and provides management with up-to-date reports of network security.

Three reasons why clients choose

Experienced Team

Our team of skilled, qualified experts can evaluate your current security situation and suggest the best course of action depending on your requirements and financial constraints.

Action Plan

After our initial assessment is complete, we collaborate with you to develop an action plan that will enable you to begin making changes right away!

Follow Up

We periodically check in with you to make sure everything is running properly and make any necessary adjustments along the way. You won't ever feel like we're merely "checking off boxes" or passing along your information to the next client without providing you with individualized attention.

Tools & Technologies

Threat intelligence

Our team of professionals uses a variety of methods, including open-source intelligence, to stay ahead of the curve in the field of threat management.

Cyber threat hunting

By understanding and tracking cyber threats, organizations can better protect themselves from future attacks. Our Security Operation center services can help you identify and track cyber threats, as well as provide the resources needed to manage and respond to them.

Security information and event management

Our security operation center services can help you monitor all activity within your network, detect and prevent cyberattacks, and respond quickly to any threats.

Endpoint detection and response

Our Security Operation center services are designed to help identify and respond to potential security threats quickly and effectively. Our team of experts can quickly identify and prevent attacks before they have a chance to occur, helping keep your business safe.

Vulnerability management

Our Security Operation center services are designed to help your organization maintain a secure network and protect its data. Our team of experts can help you identify and fix vulnerabilities in your systems, monitor for attacks, and respond quickly to threats.

Log collection and management tool

Our log collection and management tool are built on the latest technology and features robust features for handling logs from different operating systems. Administrators can easily search through logs for specific events or keywords.