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Splunk is complex, and it's easy to get lost in the weeds.

We will not tell lies. The technical stack of Splunk is complex. Nevertheless, iitecinc. is well-versed in Splunk. We can support you every step of the way as you swiftly become up and running with the platform and then scale it effectively. We think the greatest way to guarantee your success is to lay a strong foundation that will enable you to expand and thrive. For this reason, our team of Splunk specialists offers insights and advice on everything from data capture to retention, assisting clients in identifying, implementing, and managing their technology stacks. Since each company is different and has certain demands, we provide tailored Splunk solutions to address those needs.

Our Splunk professional services include:

Best Services You Get

Deployment & Configuration Support

We can assist you in creating and setting up a Splunk environment that satisfies your unique needs.

Data Migration

We can assist you with transferring data to the Splunk platform from current systems.

Application Development Support

With our range of software development tools, we can create new apps on behalf of our clients and offer development assistance for those created with Splunk SDKs and APIs.


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Deploy, Manage, and Optimize Your Splunk Platform

Regardless of your level of experience with Splunk, iitecinc can assist you. Our group of over forty Splunk-certified engineers will put forth endless effort to provide solutions that meet your company's goals.

Our Platform Expertise
  • Data IntegrationSplunk Cloud
  • Application IntegrationSplunk Enterprise
  • Business Process IntegrationSplunk Enterprise Security
  • Hybrid IntegrationSplunk Mission Control
  • Real-time IntegrationSplunk SOAR
  • Real-time IntegrationSplunk Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Real-time IntegrationSplunk Application Performance Monitoring
  • Real-time IntegrationSplunk IT Service Intelligence

Get Started with a Premium Workshop

Security Use Case Workshop

Receive a comprehensive, MITRE ATT&CK-based roadmap for building security event detections and prioritizing use cases.

SIEM Replacement Workshop

Receive a detailed deployment plan for replacing an older SIEM with Splunk Enterprise Security.

Security Maturity Workshop

Receive a complete review of your entire security environment, followed by a prioritized remediation plan.