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What is a SOC?

A Security Operation Center (SOC) manages crises, detects security risks, and thwarts cyberattacks by fusing technology and human resources. An externally contracted third party or a centralized team can make up a SOC. A capable SOC turns all of that data into actionable intelligence. They help you interpret everyday occurrences so you can respond quickly when necessary and take action before anything bad even happens!

We at iitecinc provide SOC services to assist you in ensuring that your company is protected against all types of assaults. Our team of security experts is committed to ensuring that your company can run smoothly at all times. Together, we will create a thorough defense against the most prevalent security risks of the modern era. We'll also keep a close eye on your network round-the-clock to ensure prompt action in the event of an attack.

Why SOC is necessary?

Best Services You Get

Data valuable

Data is the most valuable asset for an organization’s success in today’s business environment, therefore, its protection and privacy have become core factors to the security strategies for the companies.

Data Attackers

Attackers are coming up with new ideas to attack the database system of organizations with evolving security measures. Therefore, the requirement for constantly updating managed network security services is essential.

Security Helping

Before helping our clients, we understand and quantify their risk profiles to deliver tailored end-to-end services from our managed security operations center as per their specific context and objectives.


Most frequently Asked
Question and Answer

  • What are the issues faced by security operations?

    Numerous problems challenge security operations. The biggest obstacle is the enormous amount of data and information that needs to be analyzed in order to recognize, evaluate, and address threats. Security operations also need to continuously adjust to emerging threats. The growing sophistication of bad actors is another problem. Given that today's attackers are more skilled and prepared than in the past, even a small error could have devastating repercussions.

  • What can I expect from your security operations center?

    Security is always a top priority for businesses, and it's important to have an operation center that can help you keep your data and systems safe. Our security operation center services include: -continuous monitoring of your systems - vulnerability assessment and penetration testing - malware removal and prevention - incident response - system security management

  • What steps would you take in your SOC deployment?

    Determine what your needs are for SOC services.
    Evaluate your current security posture and identify any gaps or weaknesses.
    Design a security operation center strategy that meets your specific needs.
    Implement the security operation center strategy.

Our Expertise

Our team of security operations center (SOC) specialists can offer you the assistance you require to maintain the safety of your business. We are aware of the difficulties that companies encounter in protecting their networks and data, and we can assist you in setting up a strong SOC that can promptly identify and address threats. With our team's combined experience in corporate and cloud-based SOCs, we can work with you to customise a solution that will satisfy your unique requirements.

  • Data IntegrationEffective Security planning
  • Application IntegrationEyes-on-screen Security Monitoring
  • Business Process IntegrationPremium Quality Services
  • Hybrid IntegrationRisk management and compliance
  • Real-time IntegrationSecurity architecture and design

Tools & Technologies

Threat intelligence

Our team of professionals uses a variety of methods, including open-source intelligence, to stay ahead of the curve in the field of threat management.

Cyber threat hunting

By understanding and tracking cyber threats, organizations can better protect themselves from future attacks. Our Security Operation center services can help you identify and track cyber threats, as well as provide the resources needed to manage and respond to them.

Security information and event management

Our security operation center services can help you monitor all activity within your network, detect and prevent cyberattacks, and respond quickly to any threats.

Endpoint detection and response

Our Security Operation center services are designed to help identify and respond to potential security threats quickly and effectively. Our team of experts can quickly identify and prevent attacks before they have a chance to occur, helping keep your business safe.

Vulnerability management

Our Security Operation center services are designed to help your organization maintain a secure network and protect its data. Our team of experts can help you identify and fix vulnerabilities in your systems, monitor for attacks, and respond quickly to threats.

Log collection and management tool

Our log collection and management tool are built on the latest technology and features robust features for handling logs from different operating systems. Administrators can easily search through logs for specific events or keywords.